Saturday, March 14, 2015

Welcome to HEAT

The HEAT project will develop advanced cryptographic technologies to process sensitive information in ecrypted form, without needing to compromise on the privacy and security of the citizens and organizations that provide the input data.

The core technology is based on homomorphic cryptography, which allows to perform computations on encrypted information without decrypting it. The main goal of HEAT is to produce a step change in the efficiency and applicability of this technology. 

The HEAT proposal brings together Europe's leading researchers on homomorphic cryptography (KU Leuven, Belgium (Co-ordinator), University of Bristol, UK and University of Luxemburg, Luxemburg), with the leading expertise on lattice based cryptanalysis (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France), and three industrial partners with existing interests in the field (CryptoExperts, France, NXP Semiconductors, Belgium and Thales UK, UK).

The proposed outputs of HEAT are an open source software library to support applications that wish to use homomorphic cryptography. The results of the HEAT project will be highly beneficial to European industry and academic research since they allow for using homomorphic cryptography to be used by a much wider variety of end developers.

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