Friday, July 3, 2015

Modular Hardware Architecture for Somewhat Homomorphic Function Evaluation

The HEAT project has a new public output:

This paper reports on a hardware architecture implementing all building blocks used in polynomial ring based fully homomorphic schemes. As an example, the YASHE encryption scheme is implemented on top of this architecture and the SIMON-64/128 block cipher was executed in the encrypted domain.

The building blocks are integrated in an instruction-set coprocessor, which can be controlled by a computer for evaluating arbitrary functions (up to the multiplicative depth 44 and 128-bit security level).

This implementation evaluates SIMON-64/128 in approximately 157.7s (at 143MHz) and it processes 2048 ciphertexts at once giving a relative time of only 77ms per block. This is 26.6 times faster than the leading software implementation on a 4-core Intel Core-i7 processor running at 3.4GHz.

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