Tuesday, December 1, 2015

C++ Library dedicated to arithmetic on cyclotomic rings: NFLlib

As a new Phd student working on the HEAT project at the UPMC, I spent the last two months reading some stuff about Fully Homomorphic Encryption. Among my different readings, I have noticed an article presenting a new promising open-source C++ library: NFLlib. It has been developed for both the HEAT project and CRYPTOCOMP and is dedicated to ideal lattice cryptography.

This library deals with the arithmetic on the wide spread cyclotomic rings $\mathbb{Z}_q[X]/(X^n+1)$ with $n$ a power of two. At the difference of the Microsoft library SEAL which implements the YASHE encryption scheme, NFLlib provides the elementary functions to build any cryptosystems on those cyclotomic rings. By using Chinese Reminder Theorem, an optimized Number Theoretic Transform and different implementation optimization techniques for SIMD instructions it achieves better performances than the classical libraries NTL and FLINT.

This library will be available soon on https://github.com/quarkslab/NFLlib, in the meantime the Francophones can refer to the article "Quatre millions d'├ęchanges de cl├ęs par seconde" (Four millions key-exchanges per second) https://www.sstic.org/media/SSTIC2015/SSTIC-actes/4M_kx_per_sec/SSTIC2015-Article-4M_kx_per_sec-guinet_aguilar_guelton_lepoint.pdf which presents it as well as the performances of a key-exchange protocol using a lattice based encryption scheme. For the non-french speakers an english version has been accepted at CT-RSA 2016 and will be available soon on the Eprint.   

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